About CSD

Centre for Social Development (CSD) is a secular non-profit making development agency with its Headquarter in Imphal. It is registered under the Society Registration Act, Govt. of Manipur. It has its members from various ethnic groups who are the bonafile residents of Manipur.

CSD has been working with the people and facilitating the development activities managed by the people organizations including women society, church and village development committees. For the last decade, we have been focussing on the challenges of development, drug HIV/AIDS in Manipur. However, for the last two-years we are reaching out in different states of North East India and supporting NGOs to build the capacity of People Organizations.

Initially CSD was formed by a group of trained and professional young individuals with the commitment to contribute to the development process. We strongly believe that people can build a viable future state through sustained democratic and non-violent processes. We cannot remain silent when the poor people become poorer and exploited and marginalized, economically and politically. Thousands of people are suffering from starvation, HIV/AIDS, Criminalization of the young, drug users, child abuses in the armed conflict, atrocity to women and gender discrimination.

CSD raises funds from state and national governments and provide support to the needy communities through our community-based partners called the People Organizations. Further we get international support from organizations. Presently EED, Sida, Oxfam India, IGSSS, Ministry of Social Justice and Empowerment, UNDCP, and CAPART support us. At present CSD is working with above 250 People Organizations. CSD also acts as volunteers to facilitate NGO network in the state and the Northeast states of India.

CSD also strongly involves in advocating to state and national governments, UNDP, UNDCP, UNAIDS and UNICEF for policy change and for their attention in the northeast states.

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