Our Vision

“A just society having people based social system with sustainability peace and healthy environment”.


The struggle between capital-control versus people control over the resources of the earth has entered a critical stage since the 1980s Capital-control has made in roads to hitherto unimagined sectors of life e.g. Education, Health, Water, Governance, over and above, the systems of production. Using institutions of WTO, World Bank, IMF, Capital is riding rough-sod over people and is dismantling or weakening or hijacking people’s institutions. All this is being done as fait accompli, a no choice situation and with a summit or perish ultimatum.

The capital controlled life-system of the US and Western Europe seems to have established ‘War’ as the solution to the cycles. It along with the desire to maintain corporate hegemony explains the positioning of their armed forces all around the Globe.

In India, Capital forces gained control of the government in 1991 with the formal proclamation by the Finance Minister in the Parliament. Unashamedly elected governments, since then, have cut down jobs, raised prices of essential commodities and sold profitable public Sector enterprises. Credit restrictions have pushed out many small and medium sized enterprises out of business. Export led growth-model have boosted natural resource depleting through extractive enterprises, endangering Eco-systems.

Side-by-side, a few political organizations have led the country into communal divisions and conflicts. To win elections and to be in power, communalists use divisive propaganda, as well as creating waves of patriotism and psychosis. In addition, PMO wields more power than the council of ministers. Parliament simply approves what the Minister places before it or while experts and stakeholders formulate what the Minister has to place in the Parliament. These experts and stakeholders are trained corporate-controlled institutions.

The most deprived section of the society is women, which is vividly evident to all of us. Since The patriarchal structure has been existing since time immemorial, which affects power relationship between male and female, equal sharing of natural resources, human values, and equal decision making. And there is still a big gap based on sexism. Further this has also been realized from the studies of CSD in the contexts of Drug, HIV-AIDS and under development. Without building the capacity of the people, there shall be little chances to sustain the movement of the people in a democratic and non-violent manner to achieve justice. Our experience data proved that the epidemic of drug addiction, HIV-AIDS and poverty arising out of ethnic conflict armed conflict, gender injustice creates a situation where women are more vulnerable and worst affected.

The meaning of Justice has been defined by CSD as to the struggle for protection of the marginalized, and poor women, children, HIV+ve friends and indigenous people, from further exploitation. Through this process, the human rights and dignity of women, men and children are equally respected and live peacefully. Therefore, CSD has a deeper understanding of gender justice in the over all struggle for justice.

Because of men’s act, many young women and girl child used to face multiple violence, (even commit suicide) from their male partners in the family and workplace after consumption of alcohol, drug; sexual exploitation, sexual slavery etc. Still male has a greater share in the family income, ownership of their legal hereditary rights. Therefore, CSD has taken a firm stand with clear ideology, and organizational culture for gender equity and gender justice. Activities relating to development and health, poverty elevation of women is necessary, without their active involvement a fruitful and meaningful society cannot be achieved. God created human beings without discrimination; justice is denied by our societal systems.

Therefore, justices without women imply injustice to humankind as women shoulder heavy burdens in the family and community, where a man depends on them. Ironically women’s contribution is uncounted and less valued.

One of the strategic reasons is that when we talk about justice, People’s Power or People’s voice it will be futile until and unless women’s power and voice is at an equal position. Otherwise, all key power will be in the hands of few males. Within the ambit of Indian constitution every citizen has been given equal opportunity. Besides, human beings are the same or equal in the eyes of Law, there are no differences based on sex, caste, creed etc., (taking are example from Manipur, this time only one female political leader has been elected in the State Legislative Assembly). Seriously women are not being allowed to share power with male. Furthermore the debate of women sharing power with male verses the challenges of political hegemony. The debate of 33.3% seat reservation in the Parliament, State and Local Self-government is still considered as a political issue.

In view of the above facts and circumstances, CSD has felt that Gender Justice needs to be brought to the forefront.
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